About Me

Hi there, I’m Kat Pàce. Whose Amelya you ask? Amelya Jayne is my daughter, and the love of my life. We live in Durham NC, but I’ll travel anywhere!

I like to think my life really began when I met Amelya’s dad, John. I was working at a hole in the wall bar, and he stopped in for a drink. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was different. He didn’t look like all the flannel wearing locals, and he didn’t sound like them either. He had beautiful eyes, wire rimmed glasses, and a face I was lost in. It gets better, he was from England. We were married two years later.

Our wedding photos were not terrible, but they weren’t professional looking by any means. I should have seen the sign when my photographer said, “I’m really not a wedding photographer.” LOL!

I love to travel! We honeymooned in Paris, and stayed in a B&B located at the base of the Sacré-Coeur. We have gone to Malta many times, and Frankford Germany just once. I was so impressed with Frankford, it is so beautiful, they are very environmentally aware, and it shows.

My big alone trip was in 1997, when I travelled to Oxford, England and studied photography for 3 weeks. I would love to go back, it is what I dreamed England to be, but my husband has informed me it is not all cobble stone streets and castles. He is always good for a reality check.

A dream trip would be to go to England with my husband and daughter and have a beer in a beer garden, and go see an outdoor Shakespeare play. I would also love to visit his home town.

Enough about travel, let’s talk food. My new addiction is my Saturday morning Eggs Benedict. I do it southern style over biscuits. A friend gave me a great tip. I put 6 pieces of ham in a muffin tin and crack the eggs in the ham cups. Bake on 350. So easy and so yummy!

My chocolate addiction has faded, but I still love my hazelnut chocolate anything! I need to have chocolate almond biscotti with my morning coffee, and my coffee must have steamed frothed milk. I remember when a coffee at Wawa would do. Ha! I’m a coffee diva now.

I could spend hours drinking great coffee and milling around the book store, I love books! But I don’t read enough. My mind is always too busy to take in a story.

I never watch day time TV, but love to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a good movie. I love to laugh so I always go for the comedy. I love to laugh until I cry, it feels so good.

I love to dance and would love to find time to take lessons again. But instead I just goof around in my living room.

I also love to sing and had opera and pop lessons. My mom always wanted me to create a portfolio of music and become a singer; I guess I had better plans.

I love music, and love to feel moved by it. There are certain singers that give me chills and truly inspire joy in me. Pricilla Ahn, who I have on my site, has an amazing haunting voice that really penetrates me deeply. I wish I could sing like that!

My favorite color has been green for about 25yrs. Prior to that I think it was purple. I still love purple. My home downstairs is a shade of olive green that I never tire of, it calms me.

I love fall, the colors and light are so rich, it is a time of year I wish would last forever.

I am not a baker, but I love to bake with my daughter, eating the cookies is fun, but the baking process is what gives her so much joy. It’s funny to see how she lights up, all over a little cookie doe.

I have a B.S. in Exercise Science, and have loved teaching thousands of yoga and Pilates classes, but my true love, (my husband and daughter aside) is photography.

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